ATR Sport 2

Verbesserte Nasstraktion und weniger Aquaplaning durch optimale Wasserführung.

Four Seasons

Speziell entwickelt für maximale Leistung bei allen Wetterlagen.

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Welcome to Achilles Radial

Experience and innovational strength – self confidence and youthfulness. These are the values that represent Achilles Radial on the road. The tyres are under continous development in a highly modernised facility in Indonesia since 1998. Contious growth under the assistance of global players have significantly leveled-up the quality of Achilles Radial, which enables customer to get an attractive price/product ratio.

The product range of Achilles Radial is wide spread and contains tyres for every vehicle class.

Continous growth and the assistance of global players of world’s leading tyre technologists have been shifting Achilles Radial to a high quality brand, which covers all kinds of requirements for every driver.