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Winter 101-X
Four Seasons

Speziell entwickelt für maximale Leistung bei allen Wetterlagen.

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2. April 2019

Durable tires for light trucks with four wraparound longitudinal cloths for optimal water displacement. Optimized rubber compound designed for high mileage and profile design designed for easy handling.

High capacity tyre with directional tread design which prevents aquaplanning and ensures a straight steering behaviour even at higher speeds. Outstanding water performance achieved by different groove-systems. Very good wet-performance due …

Sporty "Curve Rounder" with improved noise-level. In addition to excellent dry properties, the set-based profile also offers first-class handling On wet surfaces. The further development of the sporty ATR Sport impresses …

1. April 2019

Innovative Low-cross-section tyre with excellent steering and Braking Characteristics. Two wide wraparound Longitudinal Grills ensure Good Water Drainage and the wide Shoulder Blocks with multiple Edges create a moderate Rolling Noise …

Profile 122 of Achilles Radial is a modern Performance Furnace for comfortable Travel on long Distances. Water Channels leading to the Central Rib produce the best Drainage properties and thus safe …